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Mold Remediation

Lansing Mold Remediation

Have you recently discovered mold in your residential or commercial building? If so, it should be taken care of immediately to avoid structural damage to your building or health liabilities.

At McCardel Restoration, our mold remediation contractors work with you and your insurance company to come up with the best solution. Mold often happens when moisture is introduced into your structure.

If water damage is also present, be sure to take advantage of our water damage restoration service as well. At McCardel Restoration, we offer a wide selection of restoration services to best fit the emergency needs of homeowners and entrepreneurs. Since we have the proper certifications and licenses to offer mold remediation services, you can count on us to properly handle any situation. We take the health of you and your family seriously, which is why we take all measures to prevent cross-contamination.

When all affected areas are identified our team isolates it with a negative air pressure system setup with HEPA filtration. Only people wearing personal protection equipment will be allowed in the affected areas until the mold has been removed. Unsalvageable materials are properly disposed of while affected structural elements (such as metal beams) are sanitized and sealed. All mold infected affected areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

If you are interested in our mold remediation services, please feel free to call our Lansing mold remediation contractors at 517-339-3473. At McCardel Restoration, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle your emergency mold remediation needs.